Paroles Kids Of The World Unite de Squad Five-O

Squad Five-O
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  • Chanson: Kids Of The World Unite
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Textes et Paroles de Kids Of The World Unite

What do you see in our future, unite.
If we can't ever get along, unite.
Analyze the situation, unite.
No unity if there's no God, unite.
Held together by the power of His word.
We are the young, we are the free, we are the only ones.
Who stand determined to change what we've become.
We won't go gentile into that good night.
Rage against the dying of the light.
As apathy and hate continue to destroy the nations.
It seems self-destruction is built into human nature.
I got no time to self-destruct in truth the time is right.
Kids of the world, unite.
Grasping at dreams of tomorrow, unite.
And now they're almost in our reach, unite.
But attaining peace through human effort, unite.
Is just the means to the end, unite.
Held together by the power of His word.
The answer lies in the body, unite.
To stand together as one, unite.
Conditioned to reflect the truth, unite.
Useless if we don't get along, unite.
Held together by the power of His might.
Kids of the world unite.
Kids of the world

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