Paroles The Passenger de Stars

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  • Artiste: Stars10142
  • Chanson: The Passenger
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Textes et Paroles de The Passenger

Night train right on time
Climb the sea of stairs
absinth brandy wine
spirits moving in the steam
Come partner forest green
the rattle of the rails
you fall into a dream
high clouds in the sky
the room goes racing by
another sleepless night
so you speed into daylight

Here comes another strange town
Here comes another breakdown
And you can run forever
They'll catch you now or never

In the tainted car
and then later in the bar
you see yourself reflected
I wonder who you are
The passengers asleep
dream of secrets that they keep
in the cabin next to you
a woman starts to wake

The things you knew all fall away
The things you had all disappear
As if you were never here

Here comes another strange town
Here comes another breakdown
And you can run forever
They'll catch you now or never

And when you arrive
your not sure if you're alive
all the passengers are gone
everybody step one
station quiet, station still
nothing moves, nothing will
put your hand up to your face
there are things you can't believe


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