Paroles Rock And Roll Crazies/Cuban Bluegrass de Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills
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  • Chanson: Rock And Roll Crazies/Cuban Bluegrass
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Textes et Paroles de Rock And Roll Crazies/Cuban Bluegrass

Lookout mama
Its comin to you
I can't tell you
What you gonna do
Rock and roll crazies
Get you right down
Make you feel so tough
Your feet leave the ground

Lookout mama don't you go too far >
Don't you get hung up bein' no rock and roll star > chorus
You find out it's easy to lose your way >
Catch yourself practicin' bein' shallow every day yeah >

Don't wanna tell you
How to run your scene
I only can tell you
What happened to me
Keep you eyes open
Keep a clear head
The woman inside you
Might wind up dead

chorus --

Girl I love you-oo-ooh
Yes I was taken
After it'd been a while
Wondered was I mistaken

Only my foolish pride
Sensibilities shakin'
Picking up piece by piece
You say I was shaken

Musica latina es cuban bluegrass

If I could thank you now
Feeling musch smoother
If I could just be here
Make it much cooler

Dale su alma bien
Por la descarga
Nada importa pues
En lo que hagas

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