Paroles Captain Of Your Destiny de Steppenwolf

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  • Artiste: Steppenwolf3193
  • Chanson: Captain Of Your Destiny
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Textes et Paroles de Captain Of Your Destiny

Now when you're down and troubled
Like orphan in a storm
And you feel life's weight upon you
Your body's cold and worn
You know that there's no mercy
For a child without a home
For the streets they hold no comfort
For a nameless soul unknown

And your life it lies before you
Like a rainbow 'round the sun
And the promised they made to you
They always seem to get undone

You're fighting waves of vast indifference
On the high and raging sea
You are the captain of your destiny
Nobody else can find the way for you to see

When you can't see the way before you
For the darkness in your head
Remember only you can lead yourself to be misled

I'm standing by the wayside
With all my scars from time
Reading books of long gone heroes
Who died between the lines
I climb their walls of anger
They build with words of stone
Fighting on with tongue and dagger
'Til blood and truth are shown

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