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  • Artiste: Stereolab4991
  • Chanson: Suggestion Diabolique
  • Langue:

Paroles Suggestion Diabolique de Stereolab

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Suggestion Diabolique Paroles

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This angel always the brightest,
Oh surely will fall out of the nest,
Conscious of the falsification
And the harnessing of our reality.

There'll be no return,
No rapprochement, (coming together)
No conciliation,
Wisdom without art.

Constantly evil thing, curious,
Somber, obscure, dark, and luminous,
Vitriolic, stringent, prophetic.

He penetrated
The wheels of modern society
That hated so so much,
Hated with all his strength.
The angel would never submit
For his eyes were wide open and lit.
We brought oil where there was a fire
In this way were bound to the devil.

There'll be no return,
No rapprochement,
No conciliation,
Wisdom without art.

The tumbler stayed standing up,
All of his life he flinched not,
The tumbler stayed standing up.

Surpassing all the art,
Surpassing cinema,
Surpassing life itself.

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