Paroles Rollercoaster de Steve Boller

Steve Boller
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  • Artiste: Steve Boller10146
  • Chanson: Rollercoaster
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Textes et Paroles de Rollercoaster

Growing up is
One big roller coaster
A tough time to live
A blink of an eye its over

I don't know where to turn
It's sometimes tough to discern
I just gotta learn
I just gotta learn
I just gotta learn

Roller coaster in my heart and soul
Roller coaster spinning out of control
Roller coaster
Roller coaster ride
Roller coaster
Here comes the rest of your life

Up and down every day
And you never know if you're gonna feel the same
It's like a cycle
Roulette wheel
It's like a cycle
I hope my wounds heal
I hope my wounds heal
I hope my wounds heal

So here we are, at the last drop
Of adolescence
The roller coaster stops
It wasn't so long at all
Like summer turning to Fall

Roller coaster
Roller coaster ride
Now it's over
And it's the rest of your life
Roller coaster

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