Paroles Innocence Lost de Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor
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  • Artiste: Steve Taylor35867
  • Chanson: Innocence Lost
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Textes et Paroles de Innocence Lost

Ever hear the sound of a death row chorus?
Ever see the look of a wolfman prowling the steps?
In this deep freeze bunker they store us
Send away the priest, 'cause they're ain't nothing more to confess

She had the innocent eyes of a Renoir lady
Clutched her black book like an angel nursing a child
"It's a quarter to midnight here, baby
If you're gonna stare, do it while I'm sleeping"

But her eyes, they shone of an innocent way...
In her eyes, we glimpsed of an innocent way...
And in the days that followed we were under a spell
Why's the girl visiting a prison cell?

Innocence, innocence,
Innocence lost
All souls want it back
Some uncover the cost
Innocence, innocence lost
Break free, look at me
Is your innocence lost?

He'd seen things that a man don't mention
Sunk into his eyes was a weariness nothing could heal
"Don't tell me 'bout your cheap salvation
What's a man do when he don't feel nothing?"

But her eyes, they shone of an innocent way...

She said, "Beyond these bars there are things you can't see"
He spoke slowly
"Ain't no pardon for me"

Innocence, innocence,
Innocence lost
All souls want it back
Some uncover the cost
Innocence, innocence lost
She said, "Look at me,
Don't you, don't you lose your innocence
Don't lose your innocence"
He said, "God's own angels couldn't give me hope
When you leave me hanging, just leave me enough rope"

But her eyes he glimpsed of an innocent way...

And on the eve of destruction they were shining the chair
Outside vigils, inside men were sobbing
As she kissed his forehead when the morning had dawned
He said softly to her, "I'll see you beyond"

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