Paroles Brother de Steve Vai

Steve Vai
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  • Artiste: Steve Vai4176
  • Chanson: Brother
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Textes et Paroles de Brother

Brother, I'm in need of a friend
for I am drowning in disarray
And brother, it is on you I depend
to pull me out of this misery

Like a hero I've always seen you
even though I would never say
And through the years
the laughter and the tears
it's you who were strong
in the right and the wrong
a tribute to the world that
blood is thicker than water

I'm tryin' to say that I love you
I'm tryin to say that I need you,

And father, I'm in need of your hand
so I can face the world bravely
and father, do you understand
what it is you mean to me

Like a warrior you always conquered
every battle you had to face
And through the hard times
when life was a bitter fight
it's you who would give
so unselfish you lived
A tribute to the world that blood
Is thicker than water

I'm tryin' to say that I love you
I'm tryin' to say that I miss you
Oh, father

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