Paroles Sex & Religion de Steve Vai

Steve Vai
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  • Chanson: Sex & Religion
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Textes et Paroles de Sex & Religion

Repent, repent, repent ye sinners!

What do you think you got, when you thought you had a lot, but all your feelings are dead?

And who do you think you are, when you're reaching for the stars, but all your feelings are dead?

Must you make a decision between sex and religion? Why can't you love God in your bed?

Well, Jesus Christ! Is in your bed tonight... ! To bring you back from the dead!

How are you gonna' fight... for what you think is right, if all your feelings are dead?

And what can you know of love, from the eyes of a child to the Heavens above... when all your feelings are dead?

It's a tragic condition; sex and religion. Makin' a manic mess in your head!

Well, Jesus Christ! Is in your bed tonight... ! To bring you back from the dead!

Jesus Christ! or any son of the heatless light...
When all your feelings are dead!


I raise my hands high up into the air, I get down on my knees, and then I start-a-prayin'.

When love walks in, my body begins. I feel my promised land comin' but I gotta' go to Hell now.

And those creatures, Evangelist preachers, the ones that take money for the promise of hope...

Well they are dangerous! I'm not dangerous! Brain washin' us and we're not gonna' take it!

I just wanna' know.
Oh, Lord, how is it so?
How is it that you can take my sins away?

Oh Lord, tell me, so I can see the light again. I don't think anybody can take my sins away.

How can the truth be known, if we got little black holes in our souls, and all our feelings are dead?

Are we imprisoned by sex and religion?
Or is God the one that's trapped in our mess?

Jesus Christ! is in your bed tonight... ! To bring you back from the dead!

Jesus Christ! Or any son of the heatless light... ! To bring you back from the... dead.

(Spoken, "dead" held throughout:)

So remember now folks when you kneel to pray, blow a little kiss to the hypocrites.

Good God knows when you turn the other cheek... which direction you're pointing it.

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