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Stiff Little Fingers
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  • Chanson: I Want You
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Textes et Paroles de I Want You

I don't know how to say
I think that we should call it a day
It's easy to be your slave
But that's not the way that I want to behave

Believed you when you lied
Could stop you if I tried
Now I reach out for you just to stay alive

I want you

Won't miss you if you go
I'd kiss you adios amigo
Because now I understand
You make me an embarrassing man

Who people see as weak
Yet you play upon my greed
I wish you didn't satisfy my needs

Lost count of the times
I've forgotten my lines
And everyone laughed at the fool
So I put you on hold
Although it turns me cold
I'm sick of you calling the tune

I can't say this is the end
Because if we're no longer together
So I'm telling you "never again"
Though I know that forever

I'll want you
I want you

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