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Stiff Little Fingers
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  • Chanson: Last Train From The Wasteland
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Textes et Paroles de Last Train From The Wasteland


You've listened to too many liars too long
And too many were your masters
You've got the chance here to right all the wrong
Don't squander it on disaster
You're standing in a bright new dawn
Got hope and belief enough for everyone
Got the opportunity in your hand
Now use it while you can


People have written you off many times
But you are a great survivor
And though you have suffered some terrible crimes
I know it's just made you stronger
You're standing on your own two feet
Got a morbid past but you've got it beat
Got the key for living sitting in your hand
Now use it while you can

You've got to hold on
To how you feel today
This is the last train from the wasteland


And cynics will tell you there's problems ahead
But you go ahead and solve them
They'll fill you with doubt and suspicion and dread
But your strength can overcome them
You got to face the critics down
Any fool can give in but you can't bow down
You got too many lives and futures in your hand
So save them while you can


And every road that I've walked down
I know your streets I know your towns
I think I know the way you feel
So stand up strong and proud
Fear is not the answer

And though this is only the start I know
How long they have kept you waiting
No matter how far down the road you go
The first few steps, a new beginning
So grab the future with both hands
Nobody said it'd be the promised land
But you can make it better than it's ever been
So change it while you can

[Chorus x2]


Last train
Last train
Last train
Last train
Last train

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