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Stiff Little Fingers
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  • Chanson: Wait And See
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Textes et Paroles de Wait And See

When we started we thought we were great
Tho' nobody else agreed
Just you and I wasting our time
Playing and singing out of key
And they said we played too loud
Cos we didn't play for their crowd
But we just told them 'Wait and see'

We had no money but still we went on
Trying to get some gear
A smashed-up cymbal and an old snare drum
Our financial state was clear
And they said we should give up
Said we didn't have a hope
And we still told them 'Wait and see'

We worked harder got better in every way
Got some other friends involved
Pretty soon we found we knew how to play
We'd got all our problems solved
But I swear to this day
I could see you drifting away
But I told myself 'Wait and see'

Then came the day you said goodbye
We tried to smile but had to cry
You knew that you'd be missed
But we wished you all the best
But still we wished you would stay

Till then you were a part of everything
And everything that might have been
And now that everything has turned into what is
If you'd have waited you'd have seen
But you gave yourself the sack
Now there's no turning back
Now all you future's 'Wait and see'

You're not good enough, You're not good enough
You're not good enough to be a dance band
They told us
But we're not giving up, We're not giving up
We're not giving up
We'll show them

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