Paroles In Time de Still Life

Still Life
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  • Artiste: Still Life35921
  • Chanson: In Time
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Textes et Paroles de In Time

I play a game called pain. I see my words, they make everyone play, but will anyone stay. I'll just sit by this wall, another time to fall. I'll see all the faces but I won't hear all the words. Be at all the places, strictly unobserved. Something so strong happening to my world, I am nothing, I am not the only one. Bring it to my doorstep I won't turn you to the cold. I'm just trying to find some answers but my questions have been sold. I just need someone to tell me, just say everythings ok. I'm just trying to find out if I mean a word I say. My words pull me down, I can't see in the dark. Their words fill me up. I am nothing, they are not. There's just a child inside me, can't you see I'm not that strong. I fall with every whisper because I feel I don't belong. I just need a little shelter for my ever dieing skin. Please won't someone speak a word because these bonds are growing thin. Trying to get away, never knowing I wanted to stay. Now I search for a way to find, a little closeness, a little time. In time, will it all just die?

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