Paroles Weak Foundations de Still Life

Still Life
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  • Chanson: Weak Foundations
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Textes et Paroles de Weak Foundations

Is sanity far away? Do we want to kill ourselves, from the path we've strayed. But we move on with more dying day to day. Isanity foundations we lay, the inbreed hate and greed from our first day. But I know, I know it wont go away. It's time to end this vicious cycle of hate and greed that fills our minds. Our moral standards have corroded tell me the color of blood and rust. Our machine is now out dated adn we will all turn to dust. I can see this all, there must be a way to make a change today. Let me express my feelings at the risk of sounding anti-human, it seems to me that we're all parasites and we are bleeding dry this earth. We need to see the power that surrounds us the energy that we destroy. We need to learn a word called harmony, and understand that life is not a toy. I feel like I'm slipping, I can't stand on weak foundations, I can't see any explanations.

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