Paroles Everybody Laughed But You de Sting

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  • Artiste: Sting1789
  • Chanson: Everybody Laughed But You
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Textes et Paroles de Everybody Laughed But You

Everybody laughed when I told them
I wanted you, I wanted you
Everybody grinned they humoured me
They thought that someone had spiked my tea
Everybody screamed they told me you
Would cost the moon, we'll be there soon
Everybody laughed till they were blue
They didn't believe my words were true

Everybody laughed but you

It's easy to lose touch with all the friends
You like so much or liked so much
Everybody laughed they couldn't take me seriously
Abandoned me
Sometimes I would read of things they'd done in magazines
They made the scene
Everybody left with such important things to do
But I'm not blue

Everybody left but you
Everybody left but you

Many years have passed
And some have fallen by the way I heard them say
Everybody dreamed but those who fell
Are sleeping now, they're sleeping now
Everybody climbed like ivy to the top most branch
It was their chance
Everybody grasped till they were through
It's all they thought that they could do

Cause everybody fell
Everybody fell
Everybody fell but you

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