Paroles Heavy Metal Fire de Stormwarrior

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  • Artiste: Stormwarrior8043
  • Chanson: Heavy Metal Fire
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Textes et Paroles de Heavy Metal Fire

Denim, leather, chains and spikes, it's a heavy metal law
Our faith will laste forever, can you feel the raging roars
Gods of steel, it's their return and they brought the storm again
Heavy metal is the truth, we fight until the end

Pentagramm and the 666, we're the messengers frum hell
We bring the evil spirit with an everlasting spell
Hordes of Satan rule the streets, the rebellion marches on
We're bring fast day by day with metal in the soul

Heavy metal fire - Burning in my veins
Heavy metal fire - Together we will stand
Heavy metal fire - It's the blood taht we all need
Heavy metal fire - We will never kneel
Heavy metal fire

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