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Story Of The Year
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Textes et Paroles de [Hidden Track]"

What do you know about the leafy bugs?
What do you know about the leafy bugs, sexy?
What do you know about the leafy bugs, sexy?

'Ay, 'ay, dude, I 'ere you wanna have fun 'ith me?
I'll take you out...castrate you an' feed your balls to my dog.

Ahh, dude, this is fun man, I gotta deep voice for the first time in my life!

Hey, dude, take it off my normal voice, that's not funny.
Ah, 'ay, i-i-i-it's the best gift to share your bed with a child.
You know? I mean, I had two plastic surgeries, j-just to help me with my breathin',
an' help me hit the higher notes a lil' betta.

H-2-O GO!!!


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