Paroles The Unknown de Storyteller (the)

Storyteller (the)
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  • Chanson: The Unknown
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Textes et Paroles de The Unknown

While they were sitting by the fire with the thieves, Siam started to drift
away in his
thoughts. He was thinking of all the dangers that they'd met during the
journey. And the worst of
all was that things were only going to get worse. To be honest, he was
afraid that he was not
strong enough to fulfill his quest, but suddenly he remembered what the gods
had told him that
night when he had his vision.

Long ago in a land that's unknown, in an age of darkness and cold
You were raised with steel in your hands, the only way to survive
But one night you saw a sign
Leave your life behind
Go and seek your destiny, travel far away
Let no one stand in your way

Ride through the storms, through forests and thorns
Don't ever look back just ride on
Adventures ahead, you know you are prepared
To travel through the unknown
Where the legends takes its forms

You travel through forests and paths that's unknown, beware cause you are
The powers of evil is all around, beware or you will be found
But you're not afraid to die
Your gods are at your side
So ride on to your destiny, travel far away
Let no one stand in your way

Ride through the storms...

Follow your vision, it shows you things that you have never seen
It shows you magic, and takes you places you have never been

A land that's so far away, beyond reality
A land that's so far away, beyond reality

Ride through the storms...

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