Paroles Divas Are Skanks de Straight Outta Junior High

Straight Outta Junior High
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  • Artiste: Straight Outta Junior High18549
  • Chanson: Divas Are Skanks
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Textes et Paroles de Divas Are Skanks

If Britney is a virgin, then I'm the King of Spain,
and Christina looks like a poodle that isn't potty trained.
Whitney was gonna sing a song, but she got too high.
Cuz divas are skanks, divas are skanks, divas are skanks.
Mariah had a breakdown, Shania's teeth are fake,
and Celine's constant shrieking is more than I can take.
If J-Lo had any class she might know how to spell.
I remember in the good ole days when divas kept their clothes on.
I remember in the good ole days when divas wrote their own songs.
Let's all get together and dance around like sluts.
Dressing up like hookers and show off their big butts.
Working at the Moulin Rouge, not much of a stretch.
Shakira please shake your ass for me.
Shakira please belly dance for me.
Whenever, wherever we meant to be together
and I be here and you be there and that's the deal my...
Divas are skanks, Divas are skanks, Divas are skanks.

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