Paroles Sand de Strangelove

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  • Artiste: Strangelove35999
  • Chanson: Sand
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Textes et Paroles de Sand

And I'm standing in the sand above your head
I'm gonna pack my flag and dance now, while I'm dying
And the pair of fools stood there and I'm stood here
Because it's closer in my mind and I don't have to tell'm just how I feel

And all the while I feign sleep
And all the while I feign sleep

Reflecting I can see nothing more
The words that I cannot understand
And people within faces I'll forget
I'm not real anymore

And all the while I feign sleep
And all the while I feign sleep

And now I'm working in the way of mystery
I'm gonna kill that inspiration that might save me
And the shame that's in my head it carved me through
It's a shame I can't explain why each moment, a confusion that is always

And all the while I feign sleep
And all the while I feign sleep

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