Paroles The Greatest Show On Earth de Strangelove

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  • Artiste: Strangelove35999
  • Chanson: The Greatest Show On Earth
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Textes et Paroles de The Greatest Show On Earth

Mary Poppins killed a dream today
Locked it up and threw the key away
It was a very old and dusty dream
Everybody knows -

There's no time for happiness today
Got a date for lunch a PLASTIC TRAY
Got a deal to sign her life away
Got an early grave she's gotta make
And we are all insane

Hold on
Slow down
You'll never get to heaven on this merry-go-round
Turn on
Turn round
You know you're going nowhere
If you keep on going round
The merry-go-round
Where you go - There you go - Round

Chistopher Robin blew his friends away
Wrapped 'em up and moved up Barnsley way
Got a job he's milking PLASTIC TRAYS
Got a line in filling early graves

Round and Round and Round and Round he goes
Where he stops well no-one seems to know why
They've forgotten just what he could be
He's the same the same as you and me
We are all insane

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