Paroles D.B. Cooper de Streetside Symphony

Streetside Symphony
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  • Artiste: Streetside Symphony29185
  • Chanson: D.B. Cooper
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Textes et Paroles de D.B. Cooper

Got A Suitcase Full Of Money
Catch Me If You Can

November 1971 A Man Wearing A Modest Business Suit
Stepped To The Northwest Counter At Portland International Airport
Paying 20 Dollars Cash For A One way Ticket To Seattle
Flight 305 Prepare For Take Off

Moments After The Jet Was Air bourne
A Man Calling Himself Db Cooper
Passed A Note To A Young Attractive stewardess
Demanding 200,000 Dollars 4 Parachutes
And To Keep Things Calm
Flight 305 Prepare For Take Off

Lean In Close He Said
I Have A Bomb

As Authorities Close In
He Makes His Way To The Rear Emergency Exit Of The Aircraft
The Money Strapped To His Waist
And Then He Jumps

I'm In Over My Head
I Cant Seem To Get Out Of Here
All I Wanted To Say Is I'm In Over My Head For You
I'm In Over My Head
I Cant Seem To Get Out Of Here
All I Wanted To Say Is I'm In Over My Head For You
For You Oh For You I'm In Over My Head

Into The Night Over A Stormy Mountain Bank
Out Smarting Them All Db Cooper Was Never Seen Again

(Thanks to Jeremy for these lyrics)

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