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Stuck Mojo
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  • Artiste: Stuck Mojo8073
  • Chanson: The Sky Is Falling
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Textes et Paroles de The Sky Is Falling

[Music: Ward, Lyrics: Nelson / Aborn / Ward]
[String Arrangement: Eric Frampton]

[Spoken Clips:]
Why don't we look at life
As being this mixed up puzzle box
You have all these clues
And you put these pieces together here and there And they add up To something grand
I say that we've destroyed our planet
That we've already reached that breaking point And we're dying
We're on a dying planet We're at the end
We are literally living in the book of revelations
We're living at the end
The hope of the world is gone

People call me crazy
Say I'm paranoid
Like the boy crying wolf
But I see the truth
I see it coming down on the TV news
Just a little glue
To put the pieces together
Gonna take a look behind the scenes
Gonna get inside the end times machine
Understand who's pulling at the strings
Another step closer to forever
World's burning
Plain to see
Like dominoes
They fall 1-2-3
All in line with the prophecy
I can't believe I'm the only one

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If the sky should fall before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

The Sky is Falling
Right before my eyes
I've got nothing left
Except my will to survive
The Sky is falling
And there's blood on my hands
There no place to run to
God help me understand

Could it be the things I hear and see
Are signs that the sky is falling
the end is coming
I feel like I'm living on borrowed time
With a sorrowed mind
And I'm close to my last breath
Death is near
And it's calling me
Telling me to get righteous
Before they click my light-switch
And darkness overtakes me
No spirit to wake me
Because I live the life of sin
Natural disasters are coming faster
Letting us know who is the master
Prophecies of what would be are upon us
Tell me do you think we're some goners
Or will we have a chance to redeem, repent and come clean before he returns on the scene?
Or will we see more tsunamis and killer Katrinas, AIDS and wars between us?
Is your sky falling?

The sky is falling
So help me
So help me understand
So help me
The sky is falling
So God help me understand

[Spoken Clips:]
It's an end of history as we know it
And the beginning of a whole new world
It's your personal number

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