Paroles Happy Going Nowhere de Stunt Monkey

Stunt Monkey
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  • Artiste: Stunt Monkey36082
  • Chanson: Happy Going Nowhere
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Textes et Paroles de Happy Going Nowhere

Start it up and let it go
'Cause where we're heading I don't know
Don't care if we come in last
They say we're going nowhere fast

They say I'll grow up soon
Hope I never do
Cause my biggest future plan
Is spending time with you

Happy going nowhere
Going nowhere
Cause I've got no expectation
Happy going nowhere going nowhere fast with you
Happy going nowhere
Going nowhere
It's not about the destination
Happy going nowhere
Going nowhere fast with you

I don't hake a long-term plan
I don't have the attention span
If I'm wasting time on you
There's nothing that I'd rather do

Think I'll call in sick today
There's tomorrow anyway
And the plan they tried to share
It didn't get them anywhere
And they'll never comprehend
I've gotta see this to the end
I know where I'm going to
Nowhere fast with you

Finished at the starting line
I'm going nowhere by design
Happy stuck here by your side
I think I'll just enjoy the ride

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