Paroles Knock Me Out de Stunt Monkey

Stunt Monkey
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  • Artiste: Stunt Monkey36082
  • Chanson: Knock Me Out
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Textes et Paroles de Knock Me Out

You kicked me out again today
I guess I'll sleep alone tonight
Why don't you take it all the way
When we fight?
I know you'll pull me off the floor
Help put my feet back on the ground
But then you'll push me door
the next round

Put me down then you
Never follow through
I wish you'd make up your mind
but you never do

Knock me out
Don't just knock me down
Knock me out
Don't just knock me down
Break it up and then
Stop before the end
You pick me up and knock me down again

So put a bullet in my head
Make this the final round
Because I'd rather just be dead
Then knocked down
Someday you get back in the ring
And then you'll take another bout
You'll take the hardest swing and
You'll be knocked out

I know you'll pull me off the floor
Put my feet back on the ground
Then you'll push me out the door
Waiting for another round
I can't take another bout
Knock me out

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