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Stunt Monkey
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  • Artiste: Stunt Monkey36082
  • Chanson: Your Mom Is Hot
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Textes et Paroles de Your Mom Is Hot

I saw her after school the other day
You must be adopted
I said I liked her in that special way
And that's when you said

You'll tell my parents and you'll tell my girlfriend
You say she's too old but she's not
You tell me that your dad is gonna kill me
I don't care because your mom is hot

And now I think about her all the time
I could be your stepdad
'Cause we are both in our sexual prime
try not to get mad

You said that I should stay away
But I'm still calling everyday
I'm gonna ask her on a date
She has no curfew we'll be late
I think of all the things we'll do
She'll help me with me homework, too
I'll write her songs on my guitar
show her the backseat of my car
I'm gonna take her to the prom
We're gonna make out on your lawn
I hope she feels the same way too
Has she told you?

I'm gonna get your mom
And I think it would be rad if she'd leave your dad
It's gotta be your mom
And I know that she wants me
I see the way she taunts me
I hope I get the chance
To get into her pants
It's gotta be your mom and me
Your mom is hot

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