Paroles Great Expectations de Styx

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  • Artiste: Styx8729
  • Chanson: Great Expectations
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Textes et Paroles de Great Expectations

(Dennis DeYoung)

Everybody will be watching
Just to see what can you do
They'll be waiting, anticipating
For the genius to come through
So raise the bar up
A little higher
They expect so much of you
Feel the madness accelerating
Cause you feel the same way too

Great, Great, Great Expectations

Everybody's masturbating
Wondering what you're gonna do
And all the doctors are contemplating
Can the smart ass still pull through
Mister big shot

With all the answers
One more time through the hoop for you
Light a fire
To the whole thing
Feel the flame as you go through

Great, Great, Great Expectations

Did you think that your ambition
Would ever end up in remission
Did ya
Now did ya
Did you think your sacrifices
Would turn your dreams into your vices
Now did ya
How could ya

All the cynics & the ciphers
Make you question what you do
So turn your amp up a little louder
To drown out that void in you
While the mantra keeps repeating
There are dreams you must pursue
If you just try a little harder
There ain't nothing you can't do

Great, Great, Great Expectations

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