Paroles I & #8217 de Subtle

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  • Artiste: Subtle36136
  • Chanson: I & #8217
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Textes et Paroles de I & #8217

So dive and lumen
never seen before…
To pray my days and blue your eyes…
I run to wipe the blue away.
I don't want to see you techni-nothing-colored…
Take my eyes and make me blind,
colored days not in you.
Not in lumen faces
That are few in all the…

I don't want to see you techni-nothing-colored

I and #8217 am running away
I know…
And it does….

Unsleeping, keep on running
and please hold the line…
Numb, knives, and all.
exposed ribs is intimate,
You say it hurts,
I know.
And it does….

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