Paroles Tap Into The Power de Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies
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  • Artiste: Suicidal Tendencies3957
  • Chanson: Tap Into The Power
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Textes et Paroles de Tap Into The Power

I've seen pain that'll drive a man further
Than any road could ever take you

Stare at the wall, it doesn't move, must think it's bad
But I'll prove who is harder
It makes no sense, at least to you
But who's to say, I refuse
Refuse to be a martyr

Welcome in the pain
It's a glorious hour
Say hello to the hate
Tap into the...

I come and go your eyes can't tell
'Cause all they see is that I'm
I'm still standing here
What's that you sense, it can't be good
You're scared to look, but I ask
What's worse than fear?

Welcome in the pain
It's a glorious hour
Say hello to the hate
Tap into the...
Don't be afraid, don't run away
Tap into the power
I want it all, I want it all
Tap into the power

What you were told, it's all a lie
Don't be afraid because
Now's the time to explore it
Drop all the fear, try to deny
But it won't work
No longer can you ignore it

Welcome in the pain>
It's a glorious hour
Say hello to the hate
Tap into the power!

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