Paroles Victims In Blood de Suicidal Winds

Suicidal Winds
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  • Artiste: Suicidal Winds8086
  • Chanson: Victims In Blood
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Textes et Paroles de Victims In Blood

A strong lust grows inside me
Standing in the shadows
Searching for something innocent
To kill
Searching for a victim
Lifeless body
A knife in my fisted hand
Victims of me
Victims in blood
I drank it
When it's still warm
Victims in blood

I walk around, my body is boiling
Need something
To kill is for me an orgasm
To penetrate the knife into a body
See the fear in his eyes

Stab them down
I'm drooling of joy
Remove the head from the victim's neck
To drink the blood of my innocent toys
To kill is my call, I'll never fail

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