Paroles Swarm de Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence
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  • Artiste: Suicide Silence14650
  • Chanson: Swarm
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Textes et Paroles de Swarm

This is who we are, nothing quite like it, nothing
This is coming to a culture that everything is cross-eyed

Open your fucking eyes
We'll be the ones that set civilization back
Open your eyes find out that you're what you see
This won't be the last of us this, this passion

Squirming away, stop eating nothing (2x)

We are the swarm that rapes and tricks
This is who we are
The swarm that rapes
Fucking Mother Earth in her ass (2x)

Spreading disease (4x)

You'll see us
Salvation, won't you let me
What's that? Your gods will say

Open my eyes find nothing that we can
Answer the swarm
This is prophecy played out.

This is just who we are, the swarm (2x)
This is who we are, this is what we do (2x)

This is coming to destruction, you see everything is cross-eyed

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