Paroles The Disease de Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence
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  • Chanson: The Disease
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Textes et Paroles de The Disease

I'm the one man army (2x)
Of disease
I'm the one man army (2x)
Of disease

The creation that is sickness
This is time to destroy everything and never rebuild (2x)

I am the disease (2x)
I'm a disease
To the world (2x)
I'm the plague of
Disaster (2x)

And I'll continue to move foward
Like the monsters of money
Crime, crime and deceit (2x)

This is time to destroy everything and never rebuild (2x)
I'm the one man army (2x)
Of disease

We've brought this world to its
Knees (2x)
We've brought this world to its
Knees (2x)

Now it's spread like wildfire (4x)
Wildfire (4x)

This world is dead, let it die (4x)

A fucking sick disturbing race
A closed-minded existnece (2x)

We are the fucking sick (2x)
It's the plague of us
And we're the disease
Of this disaster
You call your world

This world is dead let it die (2x)
So shut the fuck up
Shut the fuck up
And let the killing begin

(Thanks to Screamm for these lyrics)

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