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Suicide Silence
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Textes et Paroles de Unanswered

How much must I curse your name
And put your beliefs to shame
Before you prove yourself
And end this life?

End this life

And I'll say a fucking prayer
Because I know it won't be answered

Where is your god? (2x)
Where is your fucking god?

And even though I don't believe in you
I pray for the day (2x)
That you end this life

So please
Take me

I want the hand of god
To come and strike me down (2x)

Where is your god? (2x)
Where is your fucking god?

For all the prayers that go unanswered (2x)
Why do you think that is?
For the families that waste their time
Open your eyes

And all your prayers will go
Why do you think that is?
For the families that waste their time
Open your fucking eyes

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