Paroles Compromise Zero de Sunrise

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  • Artiste: Sunrise36304
  • Chanson: Compromise Zero
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Textes et Paroles de Compromise Zero

When the rebellion falls silent, stagnation begins
You stand at a crossroads, you're at the loss
They will do what they can to make you give in
But this time it will be a rebel with a cause

Walk your talk and stand on your feet
Fight tooth and nail for what you believe
Take back your life, get up from you knees
Or sit back and cry, ignorance is bliss

I keep on sticking out even if I am the only one
I can't put up with this world, so why should I
accept what I am against and find the excuse
to turn into what I said I never would

Walk your talk and stand on your feet
Fight tooth and nail for what you believe
Compromise zero! Compromise zero!
Compromise zero! Compromise zero!

Fight Back

You must be the change you wish to see in the world*

*) Ghandi

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