Paroles Another man's woman de Supertramp

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  • Artiste: Supertramp2752
  • Chanson: Another man's woman
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Textes et Paroles de Another man's woman

If there's no way of knowing where's the answer,
You should know if you need me by now, tell me how.
You saw me in the first place,
Who d'you think I am
How can you be so two-faced
And tell me where I stand
Yeah, we've been here once before,
I see you by the door,
You said you knew and all were calling,
Yeah, you know you just can't lose,
All you have to do is choose, let me in on where your heart is.

You ain't nothing but another man's woman,
Living on another man's land;
At night I hear a hound dog callin,
A callin' me a cheatin' man.
I tell you somethin', I need good lovin', but you don't understand,
At night I see you cannonball comin'
To blow me to the promised land.

If there's no-way of showing where your love lies,
Is it me?, is it him?, or no-one;
What will be done?
About the mess you made me,
Oh don't you give a damn,
You're gonna drive me crazy,
It's more than I can stand,
'Round and 'round we always go
First it's yes and then it's no,
Oh whatever keeps me sane?
I'm so helpless, can't you see?
Did you cast a spell on me,
Say you love me please, I'm praying

  "Crisis? what crisis? [#5]"

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