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  • Chanson: Brother where you bound
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Textes et Paroles de Brother where you bound

There's a red cloud hanging over us
And it's so big and it's gonna burst
All you people with your heads in the ground
Hey brother, where you bound?

And they're no good and they're everywhere
Try to tell you, but you just don't care
Try to hear you but you don't make a sound
Hey brother, where you bound?
Hey brother, where you bound?

And you don't know what they're gonna do
And you don't know how they feel
And you don't know what they're tellin' you
Is it a lie or is it real
And the next thing that you know is
That they walk out on the deal

And the message that they're giving you
Is the same old alibi
If you don't quite see their point of view
Then they treat you like a spy
And the phone rings and you disappear
In the middle of the night

Can't you see they're on the move
Don't know what you're trying to prove
But you sit there oh so cool
Like they never broke no rules

And the cat flies and the crow walks
And the ghost dies and the sow talks
And they tell us that they'll be good as gold
B'lieve nothing that you're told
Hey brother, where's your soul?

Make a move in one direction
Try to make some compromise
But they greet you with rejection
Makin' out you're tellin' lies
Then they turn around and tell you
Better get down from the sky

For the sake of all that's holy
Listen good to what I say
I can feel them all around me
They could be here any day
But you act like you don't know me
Why d' you look at me that way

If there's one thing that is clear
We gotta get away from here
We've gotta leave this place
It's just a hopeless case
Ain't no one else to blame
We're gonna lose this game

Hey brother get off my back
I gotta tell you, you're way off the track
They got a hatred deep down inside
Ain't gonna let them take me alive
I'm gonna burn them down, just wait and see
Ain't gonna let them walk over me
Boy you ain't got no heart and soul
And your mind is weak and your blood's runnin' cold

You better move, you better hide
They're gettin' in, they're gettin' inside
If you get caught you better know
They're gonna reap, you're gonna sow
Don't be a fool, we gotta go
Ain't no place safe for us to stay
We better move on, we better move on

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