Paroles Coming Home To See You de Supertramp

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  • Artiste: Supertramp2752
  • Chanson: Coming Home To See You
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Textes et Paroles de Coming Home To See You

You're very much like your mother
And that's a natural fact
But you couldn't look much like your brother's wife
Or anyone like that

And you don't look much like your sister
'Cause she's all big and fat
But don't breath a word to your mean all dad
'Cause I'll be gone midnight

I'm coming home to see you early in the morning
All be around and all the ?birdtrades? today
I'm coming home to see your hard day darling
All aboard, all aboard
Put on some fancy clothes and meet me at the station
Make sure I don't mistake you for your sister Jane
Don't want to see you with tour goddamn relations
That's all for now, I'll se you, chiao

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