Paroles It's a hard world de Supertramp

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  • Artiste: Supertramp2752
  • Chanson: It's a hard world
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Textes et Paroles de It's a hard world

I live in a vacumn, no air
I'm stuck in back room, somewhere
But it don't bother me amyway 'cos I know
Goin' to get out soon, I got places to go
There's a big world waiting for me
I just need a break, someone to believe
but right now I'm just tryin' to survive
Livin' rough, shackin' up, hangin' tough, shapin' up

Get the picture, get the scene I paint fo ryou
Ah, but it's worth it, all the pain I'm goin' thru
Beat the sidewalk, hear the fast talk, everyday
I don't worry 'cos I know I'm on my way

The view from my window, ain't too good
Should be some mail for me soon from Hollywood
When the phone rings, could be big things, anytime
Operator is there somethin' wrong with this line

Rejections, I've had a few
Happens to the best, it ain't nothin' new
Still I keep on swingin' away
S'gonna be a breakthrough any day

Keep hanging in there, that's my philosophy
And soon I'll find my big chance, wait and see
Some make it fast, but they just come and go
Me, I'm built to last and that's one thing I know

Those straight life people, they don't understand
Yeah they just want it all laid out and planned
Me, I'm not like them, I do things my own way
I know I'm gonna break thru any day

Life in the city, can get you down
There's amillion guys out there all snooping around
You gotta think you're the best, beat out all the rest
And fight your way up to the top of the town

There's a big world waiting for me
I just need a break, someone to believe
Right now I'm just tryin' to survive
I'm know I'm gonna get there, dead or alive

I'm going to reach for the moon
And all the stars too
I'm gonna get there real soon, I know I will
I want the universe, and all the planers too

  "Some things never change [#1]"

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