Paroles Not The Moment de Supertramp

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  • Artiste: Supertramp2752
  • Chanson: Not The Moment
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Textes et Paroles de Not The Moment

I can't believe what you're saying about me
I can't believe it's true
You know you never should doubt me
And take this attitude

You say there's something between us
Something just ain't right
But every time I ask you to tell me why
You say it's not the moment
You say it's not the moment

You say you're tired of walking on eggshells
And falling in between
That I'm two-timing you but you know quite well
That's just not my scene

And now my friends are starting to call me
They say there's something wrong
Ah, but you just continue to stall me
You say it's not the moment
You say...

Yes we need to talk this through
'Cause I do depend on you
So let it out and try to clear the air

I've got nothing I should hide
I'm burning up inside
But you just act like you don't even care

Oh well I know sometimes it ain't easy
I know you're feeling bad
But you know it's the wrong time to tease me
It just gets me mad

I'm going to find out sooner or later
Just what you're trying to say
So when I ask you now for just one more time
Don't say it's not the moment
Don't say...

Yes we need to talk this through, etc.

Told you I would be your friend
Be there to the very end
But you had to let me down
And go spreading dirty words around

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