Paroles Passions Of 7 + Ere Fra Det Indre de Svarttjern

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  • Artiste: Svarttjern44533
  • Chanson: Passions Of 7 + Ere Fra Det Indre
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Textes et Paroles de Passions Of 7 + Ere Fra Det Indre

Cold lies the answers. Revealing the force within the flesh.
Slowly you dreamer - You shall see.

Still slaves among the dead. Casting no shadow walls of the maze.
Rapped around what will? Winds serving no one

Still lies the codes. Existing beneath what's already swallowed.
Where in time, awaits the shivers of 7.

Winds serving no one.

Finally the numbers reveals the king
...finally you arise
Swallow the swallowed

Carved into the flesh of the man.
This is the truth, your eyes to blurry to see
Subconscious breaths of what you already know
Pleasure from the false stoned closes you in your life's unworthy existence

In time the structure forces the curse
Dooming shivers, 10
Black the truth, seedless the eternal sky
Numberless the screams
Winds serving no one.

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