Paroles Stillborn Acolyte de Svarttjern

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  • Artiste: Svarttjern44533
  • Chanson: Stillborn Acolyte
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Textes et Paroles de Stillborn Acolyte

The sound of nothing speaks to me inspired
For my violent sound of honour is soon to roam this land
So many hopes, all soul seeking dreams.
So few levels reality, all so far beneath me.

Alone, among so many others
You pitiful, weak and poor.
Your tears strike every other than I

Far beyond vioence. Far beyond this mortal night
Beneath this suffering. Over grown truth, which I tend to reveal!

Discover the only. Only paths set in victorious glory shines through to the rising idol
Drown in sorrow, knowledge appears in knowing your false god has fallen
Nature grows the real.
Discover the only.

This today. This time of ignorant belonging.
Hiding mortality in lively taunts of laughter
You will never be so alive as I
You will never be alive

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