Paroles Mensural de Swallow

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  • Artiste: Swallow36412
  • Chanson: Mensural
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Textes et Paroles de Mensural

Oh, don't you look back
When I'm not so sure
But I've love in my heart and feel sad
All the time and I say

I know where I can hide
I know where I can smile

Oh, what will you say
I can't ever explain
Don't take it all
Into your heart like a lover

Never should, and now that
Here we are sharing
My black thoughts again
Here we are bleeding my mind
And I say

I know where I can hide
I know where I can smile

Oh, kiss me again and I'm sure
That I will turn it all
Into your heart until you feel
Sickened inside

I know where I can hide
I know where I can smile

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