Paroles Turned To Stone de Swans

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  • Artiste: Swans13067
  • Chanson: Turned To Stone
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Textes et Paroles de Turned To Stone

when you are old and tired.
and sickness breeds in you.
i hope you forget me then,
forgot what i've done to you.
you were my only friend.
then i was half alive.
that's more than i could ever ask,
but i took your trust and ruined you
if you were here with me in this room,
i'd stand right in front of you,
and beg you to forget,
i was ever inside of you.
you were the only thing i ever owned.
worth anything at all.
and i took your heart and held it.
and it turned it into stone.
when you are sick and tired,
and you're confined to your memory,
throw me out of your mind:
i've been turned to stone

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