Paroles Jump Up de Take 5

Take 5
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  • Artiste: Take 515377
  • Chanson: Jump Up
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Textes et Paroles de Jump Up

Jump up and down
Everybody's getting' down with this sound
When the music takes you around
Let the rhythm take you off the ground, hey

Your day job's got you sad
Somebody made you mad
It seems like everyday's the same
You feel like going out
Partying with a crowd
Sometimes you got to break the chain

And everybody wants to get down
Forget the everyday ups and downs
Cause when you hear the beat
You just get off your feet
And join the party


If you got lots of time
But you ain't got a dime
To do the things you'd like to do
Turn on the radio
Dial up a funky show
And listen for somebody new


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