Paroles Here We Go (Original) de Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli
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  • Artiste: Talib Kweli6875
  • Chanson: Here We Go (Original)
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Textes et Paroles de Here We Go (Original)

Here we go, here we go, here we here we go X4
(dispersed through the first chorus)
Teodross Avery in the house tonight
Put your hands together ladies and gentlemen
You understand, yo we also got my man
A close personal friend of mine, Talib Kweli
Blackstar, Reflection Eternal
Yo, put it down like this

[Verse 1]
I'm sayin
African blood race through my vein
You can hear it in my name
And you can feel it in my game
I'm sayin the streets is drama
Make me wanna rock my body armor
Still I'm probably calmer
Than your average Dalai Lama
I use the meditation, I stay patient
But I never deal with hesitation
I'm way blunted yo, I can give a what
If your favorite stations feelin me
These rap cats are killin me
No type of stability
My ability got more cats in New York
Running than Hilary
We be chillin, where the blood be spillin
We got the red badge of courage for bravery
Me and my man Teodross Avery
Blow away the legacy of slavery
Through any phone, sax or a micro
Hotter than a light show with the pyro-techniques
Through the speakers let the best speak
In less we forget where we come from
Blast you into next week now you got
History to run from


[Verse 2]
My work ethic, keep me deep in the cut like anti-septic
Respected in the world where people faker than prosthetics
Stay true to a certain aesthetic
Protect it like the hip-hop secret service
Cat off top lookin nervous
Wondering when we gonna set it
Anticipation will kill you if you let it in your aura
Reflect it like god's face upon the water
You can't lead a man to water
Like you can a lamb to slaughter
So I concentrate on me so I can
Keep my plans in order
I clutch like King Cobra
I rock while ya'll boulder
Chop emcees up, put em in the grinder
Like farmer of Dakota
Cuz I'm colder than a polar
Walk, talk and stand on my ancestors shoulders
Told you we at wear like sista soldier
Battle tactics, spray wars
Like gat clips, full metal jackets
That hit, BAW!
Got you lookin acrobatic doing back flips
Even if the track skips,
We improv like Jazz Artists
Freestyle, hop back on the beat
and rock regardless

[Verse 3]
I'm saying, ya'll with me tonight?
I'll travel at the speed of light
When I see the mic, I get this on lock
Cuz my song is in the key of life
I roll with my ????
Cuz we be alike
Consider them family
Make sure they all eating right
See the plan is to feed the fam
Then free the land, before I get old
I can't be young forever like Peter Pan
Cats pale in comparison
So bad they need a tan
Barely see they hand
Craft they face like a seed of sand
See the ??? you got to beat the man
Understand I'm saying
The writing on the wall like a paint can
Spraying graffiti on your soul
Music completely make me whole
I'm saying, trying to keep my
Pockets on swoll
To give back to the community
Make a future for you and me
From my birth certificate to my eulogy
Usually in Brooklyn
But my mind keep it movin
Ain't no mystery
Cuz we showin and provin


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