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Textes et Paroles de Television Man

I'm looking and I'm dreaming for the first time
I'm inside and I'm outside at the same time
And everything is real
Do I like the way I feel?

When the world crashes in into my living room
Television man made me what I am
People like to put the television down
But we are just good friends
(I'm a) television man

I knew a girl, she was a macho man
But it's alright, I wasn't fooled for long
This is the place for me
I'm the king, and you're the queen


Take a walk in the beautiful garden
Everyone would like to say hello
It doesn't matter what you say
Come and take us away

The world crashes in, into my living room
The world crashes in, into my living room
The world crashes in, into my living room
The world crashes in, into my living room

And we are still good friends...(television man)
I'm watching everything...(television man)
Television man...(television man)
I'm watching everything...(television man)
Television man...and I'm gonna say
We are still good friends...and I'm trying to be
Watchin' everything...and I gotta say
We are still good know the way it is
Television man...I've got what you need
We are still good friends...i know the way you are
Television man...i know what you're tryin' to be
Watchin' everything...and I gotta say
That's how the story ends.

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