Paroles One Hour Of Madness de Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream
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  • Artiste: Tangerine Dream36705
  • Chanson: One Hour Of Madness
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Textes et Paroles de One Hour Of Madness

Text : Walt Whitman

One hour of madness and joy !
O furious ! O confine me not !
(What is this that frees me so in storms ?
What do my shouts amid lightnings and raging winds mean ?)

O to drink the mystic deliria deeper than any other man !
O savage and tender achings !
(I bequeath them to you, my children,
I tell them to you, for reasons, O bridegroom and bride.

O to be yielded to you, whoever you are, and you to be yielded to me, in defiance of the world !
O to return to paradise ! O bashful and feminine !
O to draw you to me--to plant on you for the first time the lips of a determin´d man !

O the puzzle--the thrice-tied knot--the deep and dark pool ! O all untiedand illumin´d !
O to speed where there is space enough and air enough at last ! O to be absolv´d from previous ties and conventions--I from mine, and you from yours !
O to find a new unthought--of nonchalance with the best of nature !O to have the gag remov´d from one´s mouth !
O to have the feeling, to--day or any day, I am sufficient as I am !

O something unprov´d !Something is in a trance !
O madness amorous ! O trembling !
O to escape utterly from other´s anchors and holds !
to drive free ! To love free ! To dash reckless and dangerous ! To court destruction with taunts--with invitations ! To ascend--to leap to the heavens of the love indicated to me ! To rise thihter with my inebriate soul !
To be lost, if it must be so !
To feed the remainder of life with one hour of fulness and freedom ! With one brief hour of madness and joy.

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