Paroles Used Leather de Tank (Metal)

Tank (Metal)
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  • Artiste: Tank (Metal)38858
  • Chanson: Used Leather
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Textes et Paroles de Used Leather

[Brabbs / Brabbs / Ward]

I want to find a woman who smiles when she swallows I want to find a lover
That dives in the shadows I always have to stop
So I never see what follows how can you shoot a gun
When you can't get the ammo we could have the time of our lives
We could stay awake all night her open gusset tights are tied together
Used leather, hanging loose will she take a bribe
To relieve all my sorrows I'll need a sherpa guide
Her insides are so hollow her slut designer jeans
Take hours to unravel she finds it hard to talk with her mouth full of gravel

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