Paroles Guiding Me de Tantric

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  • Artiste: Tantric5126
  • Chanson: Guiding Me
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Textes et Paroles de Guiding Me

Hand on the ground,
Foot in the grave,
Hand on the ground,
Foot in the grave

Falling from grace and you're going under,
Back in your face, so you can see your blunder

If you disappear no one will come to find you,
The face in the mirror will be the one to remind you

You are what you avoid, so easily annoyed,
You ask for way too much so you can fill the void,
Of what you refuse to believe,
Can't touch or see,
I know there's something guiding me through this,
Guiding me through this

Don't be afraid 'cause he stands beside you,
Lost and alone he will be there to guide you,
Everyone has felt the way that you do,
Don't worry now 'cause everything will come through,

[Chorus Repeat 2x]
Hand on the ground, foot in the grave [Repeat 4x]

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