Paroles Forever Is Quite Some Time de Tar...feathers

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  • Artiste: Tar...feathers34997
  • Chanson: Forever Is Quite Some Time
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Textes et Paroles de Forever Is Quite Some Time

If I'm too pass out, if I'm to throw up
I hope I'm on my back.
And I'll drink to that.
I'm sure there must be thousands at least of jobs I can't get.
And I'll drink to that.
It's a big world, I should be able to find some girl to love.
Who the hell would love me back?
Shit, I'll drink to that.
And if I get fat by the amount of beers I've had
Guess I deserved it.
If this makes you laugh, be my guest
'cause I'll drink to that as well.

And I'll be fine.
And I'll be fine.
I will find a drink in time.

My true self lost some true faith in you.
True love's such a true waste and
A true attempt only truly fails in the most truthful ways.
Go pack your things, you can find some new place to live.
As for tonight you can sleep on the couch.
And back with your old friends
You have not seen since you don't know when.
Like waiting for aces, you are sobbing with a daisy.
Like: loves me, loves me not.
Loves me, loves me not.
It's not a matter of luck.
You count first to know where to start.

And you'll be fine.
And you'll be fine.
You will find a drink in time.

I'm bored.
What for?
Forever is quite some time alone.

Forever wasn't as long as we thought.
Think through it.
We weren't meant to be after all.
I meant what it ever meant to me.
Forever is quite some time apart.
Drink through it.
If failure had a face, it has my heart.
I'll drink to whatever is.
I've swum with dolphins and I've swum with sharks.
(I'm fine.)
Except for their jaws, they're not different at all.
(Just fine.)
Going through hell was a walk in the park.
(My spine.)
Rose to the last drop that ran down this dry through of mine.

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